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The World's Most Extensive Global Email Honeypot

ThreatWave has the largest global sensor network ever constructed – a source of information now publicly available to the online community. For enterprises and service providers from any industry – access ThreatWave Global Honeypot data thru our realtime feed or historic query tool:

Realtime Data

What’s happening right now? Find out in real-time from our honeypot dataset. Customized data feeds are tailored to your specific search criteria.

Historic Activity

Want to know what has already happened? Looking for context around existing data points? Ask our honeypot dataset with our query tool and reports.

We have gone out of our way to reenvision the email sensor network

A Different Honeypot


Email is King

There are over 4.35 Billion email accounts and 2.5 Billion email users worldwide. There are 2.9 Trillion email messages sent every day.

Proprietary Data Source

We have created a unique data source for email-born intelligence. We manage the MX records for 30 million+ domains – no other readily available honeypot has this size or scale.

Global and Wide Lens

Our proprietary data sources makes our dataset global in nature – we receive email from 196 countries daily. And it organically makes our honeypot have a wide view of the email ecosystem – from inbound threat intelligence for security, to sender reputation for enterprises, to outbound network monitoring for service providers. Our global honeypot data set brings unparalleled depth and breadth of vision into what’s happening in email.

Some Milestones

New IPs Daily
Messages Processed Daily