At Our Core

Formed at the intersection of email and big data

ThreatWave was born at the intersection of email and big data. We wanted to re-imagine the email honeypot – to create a source of telemetry that is then made available to security, email and marketing professionals. 

Along the way, we built a big data machine that parses 1 terabyte+ data a day, taking 200 million messages daily sent to 90 million+ email addresses and breaking it into structured data components.

Our team has deep knowledge in email (Return Path, DoubleClick), security (Level 3, Webroot) and tech startups (30 between us and counting!). We believe there are almost infinite applications of email data. If you have further questions or thoughts, we want to hear from you!

The ThreatWave Distinction

Some of the ways we are different

Publicly Accessible Data. Really.

Our mission is to make the internet a safer place. With that in mind, we have made our data commercially available to the research community.

A Global and Wide Lens

Our proprietary data sources makes our dataset global in nature – we receive email organically from 196 countries daily. From inbound threat intelligence for security, to sender reputation for enterprises, to outbound network monitoring for service providers, and countless other use cases. The ThreatWave global email data brings an unparalleled depth and breadth view into the email ecosystem.

Context Matters

Unlike competitors, we provide insight into the email metadata – Attribution, transactional elements, and message payload provide context and past behaviors.

Proprietary Data Source

We have created a unique data source for email-born intelligence. We manage the MX records for 30 million+ domains – no other readily available email collection source has this size or scale.