A Different Kind of Sensor Network

We make large scale email data available.
Harness the power of our global honeypot.

Email is a unique data vector and ThreatWave has created a unique approach by providing email as structured data. Parsing emails into structured data gives you the opportunity to pull data from all aspects of an email: Origination, Transaction, Payloads etc.  Email is a robust data source with an almost limitless application – see some of the uses of our data.

How it works

ThreatWave converts email into structured data, thus turning unstructured text into digestible data fields and makes email data applicable to many systems and analysis.

Through this process, we are able to turn all the parts of an email into structured data, including:

  • Origination data (IP, Domain, etc)
  • Email transaction attributes (Timing, Authentication, etc)
  • Email Payloads (Message body, URLs, Attachments, Phone Numbers, etc)
  • ThreatWave Enrichments (additional tags to identify type of mail, etc)

Real-Time Data

Access real-time email data to identify Senders, IPs, Domains, Content and Threats specific to your analytics and mission.

Historic Data

Access historic email data. Query based on specific URLs, Attachments, IPs, Domains, Senders, Message Content, Brands and Keywords.