Here’s what makes us unique

ThreatWave has created a different kind of sensor network to detect email-born threats.

Proprietary Data Source

We have created a unique data source for email-born intelligence.
We manage the MX records for 25 million+ domains – no other readily available honeypot has this size or scale

A Global and Wide Lens

Due to our proprietary data sources, ThreatWave’s email threat intelligence is global in nature – we receive email from 196 countries daily. And it is a wide view – for instance, you think your organization is being attacked, we know your INDUSTRY is being targeted.

Context is King (and Queen)

Unlike competitors, we provide insight into the context of attacks – Attribution, reputation with history, target insight and message payload to understand context and past behaviors.

Publicly Accessible. Really.

Our mission is to make the internet a safer place. With that in mind, we have made our data commercially available to the research community.